George Curzon, 1st Marquess Curzon Of Kedleston

A stock of these was despatched out on a donkey ammunition convoy and by very superb handling it made the ascent of the Umm esh Shert move in the dark and arrived at Es Salt subsequent morning. At this crucial time, the donkey convoy carrying 100,000 rounds of small arms ammunition and about 300 rounds for the mountain batteries arrived. Australian airmen of No. 1 Squadron monitored the advance on Es Salt had reported the enemy menace from the north-west of Jisr ed Damieh and a raid by No.

142 Squadron of Bristol fighter aircraft dropped bombs on Jisr ed Damieh and fired 700 rounds into the scattering cavalry. Throughout September and October 1914 French warned Kitchener that his forces have been working dangerously in need of shells, at one point being rationed to 20 rounds per gun per day. Meanwhile, a squadron of 1st Light Horse Brigade moved down the Abu Turra track to a point about 1,000 yards (910 m) north of El Haud at 06:00 however was compelled to retire quickly after.

The advance, over a distance of about 1 miles from the purpose of meeting to the hill domineering and commanding the Huweij Bridge, took between 6 & 7 hours – during most of this time the advancing troops had been beneath steady and heavy How. 1st Light Horse Brigade (much less the first Light Horse Regiment which was moving to reinforce the 2nd Light Horse Brigade) had its right 2 miles (3.2 km) west of Es Salt and its left in touch with the troops commanded by Chaytor defending the line of communication; the Umm esh Shert observe to the Jordan Valley.

After repulsing the attackers twice with the bayonet the sunshine horsemen had been pressured to withdraw dropping access to a superb spring however the loss of Desk Prime did not compromise the integrity the Umm esh Shert line.

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